About Us

Reactionsport Ltd was created in Northampton in July 2010. Initially MA Shop Ltd, trading as Reactionsport. As the 'MA' would suggest, our business was created to serve the MA (Martial Arts) Industry, and has done so successfully ever since.

Not long after our incorporation we became the UK sole supplier of one of the worlds top brands - Fuji Mae.

The shop was closed to the public to focus solely on supplying the trade back in 2015.

During 2023 we saw the re-launch of the Reaction Sport brand, introducing a complete range of 'own branded' products, specifically built and tested by martial artists to exceptionally high quality, with a mid-range price tag.

The re-brand saw the launch of a brand new web site and the option re-released for the public to purchase directly, as well as retaining our loyal and trusted trade customers.

Our goal is to supply fast, efficient service of top quality at medium price point to the martial arts industry, keeping practitioners safe and effective in all styles of martial arts.